New Richmond Fire and EMS Department
300 Hamilton Street
New Richmond, Ohio 45157

telephone: 513. 553-2117
Fax 513-553-3811
email: click here!
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Our Vision

To set the standard that other fire and emergency medical service organizations in Greater Cincinnati strive to attain.

Our Motto

“Doing our best in the worst of times.”

Our Pledge

To deliver the highest level of life and property protection in a non-judgmental, caring, and efficient manner.

Our Mission

To be an advocate for fire, illness and injury prevention in our community while providing residents and visitors a trusted direction to turn in times of crisis.  Our actions are based on sound principles, respect, clear judgment, and a sense of treating others as if they were our friend or family.  The marriage of compassion for human life to the delivery of effective service is valued.  We strive to pursue excellence through continuing education, team growth, and a mastery of leading edge technology and practices.


 A D D R E S S   S I G N S

A D D R E S S   S I G N S     
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Reflective street address signs are a great help to police, fire and EMS
personnel, package delivery services, home repair personnel and others
attempting to locate your home or business. New Richmond Life Savers
continues to make these signs available for $ 12.00. These highly visible
signs are available in a number of styles depending upon your mounting
requirements. Steel, half -posts are also available so they may be displayed
in locations where mailbox posts are not available. Call 513-553-2117 for
information or to order yours today!

B L O O D   P R E S S U R E   C H E C K S

The next time you are in the Village, visit the NRFEMS station at 300 Hamilton
Street and have a check of your blood pressure performed. High blood
pressure is a leading cause of stroke and heart attack yet, is easily one of
the most recognizable and treatable ailments. Take a few minutes of your
time to stop-in and have this important check of your health performed.
Personnel are available 8a/10p each day.