Rules of Council

Village of New Richmond
Clermont County, Ohio

I.          MEETINGS

1.     Regular Meetings: Regular meetings of Council shall be as provided by ordinance.

2.     Special Meetings: Special meetings of Council shall be called as provided by the Ohio Revised Code section (ORC 731.46).

II.              CHAIRPERSON

1.     Presiding Officer: In accordance with ORC  733.24, the Mayor shall chair all regular and special meetings of Council and shall have no vote except in case of a tie.  During the absence or disability of the Mayor, the President Pro Tempore of Council shall assume the responsibilities of the Mayor (ORC  733.25).  In the absence of both the Mayor and the President Pro Tempore, a member of Council appointed by simple majority shall occupy the chair.

2.   Duties:  At the time appointed for Council to meet, the Chair shall call the meeting to order.  The Chair shall preserve proper decorum during the meeting and shall enforce the Rules of Council.  The Chair shall recognize any member of Council who wishes to address the issue before Council, provided there is no disruption of the member currently addressing the issue.


1.     Voting:  When a question is called for a vote, every member present shall vote on the question.  Any member of Council who abstains from voting shall state the reason and it shall be recorded with the abstention.  All votes shall be recorded with the abstention. All votes shall be cast upon the call of the roll by the Clerk.

2.     Division of Question:  No ordinance or resolution shall contain more than one subject, per ORC  731.19.

3.     Excusal from Attendance:  At the next meeting a member of the legislative authority attends after an absence, said member shall indicate the reason for said absence and it shall be recorded upon the record by the Clerk. In the event a member of the legislative authority will not be able to attend a meeting, said member should notify the Clerk or Mayor.  

4.     Excusal During Meeting:  No member of Council shall be excused during Council session except upon the affirmative vote of the majority of the members present, including such member asking to be excused.  The member requesting the excusal shall indicate a reason for the request.

5.     Motions: When a motion is made and seconded it shall, before debate, be stated by the Mayor or Presiding Officer, and every motion shall be reduced to writing if the Mayor or any member of Council require it, and cannot be withdrawn without consent of the Council .

6.     Debate:  In debate, a member must confine himself/herself to the question before Council and avoid personalities.


   1.  The order of business at regular and special meetings of Council shall be as follows:

A)    Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of the last regular meeting and any subsequent special meetings will be distributed to the Mayor, Solicitor, and all Council Members prior to the regular meeting.  If there are not any corrections and or additions to the minutes as they have been recorded, upon motion and second, they shall be approved.  Any corrections and or additions needed shall be included in a motion to accept the minutes.

B)   Roll Call:  The Clerk shall call the roll in every instance where a roll call is necessary by calling the names of the Council members on a rotating order.

C)   Communications:  The Clerk shall read all communications addressed to Council unless the communication is to be read by a particular member.

D)   Remarks from Audience:  Any member of the public who wishes to address Council shall make such desire known to the Clerk prior to the meeting.  When recognized by the Chair the person shall stand and give their name and address before addressing Council. At the request of any Council member, an audience member shall be recognized by the Chair.  Prior to adjournment, all audience members shall be asked if they want to be recognized.

E)    Administrative and Committee Reports:  The following order of recognition shall be followed unless, as circumstances may dictate, there is a need to modify them at a particular meeting:

i.)                Administrator

ii)           Finance/Personnel Chairperson

                           iii)            Safety/Laws/Rules Chairperson

                           iv)           Public Works/Parks/Recreation Chairperson

                            v)          Department Heads. Department heads will be acknowledged as the need arises.

                           vi)           Mayor

                          vii)           Clerk: who will also present the bills for payment.

viii)                 Solicitor

F)    Reports of Special Committees

G)   Call of Members:  The name of members shall be called so each member may have the opportunity to present petitions, communications, and introduce motions, resolutions or ordinances.  Actions requested or required may be addressed at this time or deferred to the appropriate point in the agenda.

H)   Legislation: Ordinances and resolutions, newly introduced or previously reported out of committee, shall receive their first reading.  After the introduction of new ordinances and resolutions, those ordinances and resolutions which had a first reading at a prior meeting shall receive their second reading.  Finally, ordinances and resolutions which received their second reading at a previous meeting shall receive their third reading one of the following shall occur:

i) If no motion for adoption is made, or if made and does not receive a second, the ordinance or resolution fails.

ii) Upon the motion for adoption and second, a discussion shall be allowed.  The chair shall recognize the members who wish to address the motion.

The requirement for three readings may be suspended under the procedure in ORC 731.17.  Additionally, passage shall be as defined in ORC 731.17.

I)      Old Business                               

J)    New Business

K)    Executive Session: Whenever possible, executive sessions shall be postponed to the last order of business.  The postponement of executive session to last is to encourage the audience to remain in attendance for as much of the meeting as possible

               V.  COMMITTEES

  1.  The following shall be the Standing Committees of Council:

Finance/Personnel:  This committee shall investigate matters concerning finance, personnel policies, and hiring of employees under the supervision of the Village Administrator.  The Finance/Personnel committee shall also do the preliminary review and recommendations concerning the annual appropriations.

Safety/Laws/Rules:  This committee shall investigate and recommend to Council matters concerning the operation of the Police, EMS and Fire Departments.  This shall include the operation of the departments and hiring the department employees.  Additionally, this committee shall investigate matters concerning zoning and other laws or rules for the general safety of the village.

Public Works/Parks/Recreation:  This committee shall investigate matters concerning needs of the departments under the supervision of the Administrator. This shall include reviewing the needs with the Administrator and recommending to Council the items that best serve the Village.                                                                     

2.     Composition of Committees: Each Standing Committee shall be composed of two Council Members and the Mayor.  Each member may serve on only one committee.

3.     Appointment and Term:  At the first regular meeting in January, Council shall determine the committee compositions by motion.  The term shall run until the first regular meeting in the following January. As the need arises, Council can restructure committee membership by motion.

4.     Committee Chairperson:  At the committee’s first meeting, the committee members shall elect one of the Council members as Chairperson.

5.     Special Committees:  From time to time, as may be necessary, Special Committees may be created to consider special problems which do not fall within the areas of a Standing Committee.  Any matter presently under consideration by a Standing Committee cannot be referred to a Special Committee unless approved by the Standing Committee by a unanimous yes vote by its members.  Organization of Special Committees shall be as provided for the general organization of Standing Committees.

6.     Committee Meetings:  A committee quorum shall consist of both Council Members of the committee.  The Mayor shall have no vote except in the event of a tie.  A committee meeting may be called by the Chairperson or at the request of both other members.  One day’s minimum notice shall be given to the Clerk.  The Clerk shall notify the members and those requested to attend the meeting.  Additionally, the Clerk shall post a notice on the bulletin board at the municipal building concerning the time, date and place of the committee meeting.  Any person may attend a committee meeting, but only committee members shall  vote on an issue.


1. Procedure in Absence of Rule:  In the absence of a rule to govern a point of procedure, the matter shall be determined by a majority of the members present.

2. Amending Rules:  A majority vote of the current members of Council is required to alter, amend, rescind or supplement these rules.

3. Department Heads will attend Council meetings when requested by the Mayor or a Committee Chairperson or when an emergency has arisen that was not brought before the appropriate committee.

4.   After being recognized by the Chair, any member of the public addressing Council has a 3-minute time limit.

5.   These rules shall be automatically renewed on September 1st of each year
For a one-year period unless amended or rescinded as provided by Council.



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