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L O G I N  E M A I L

















Right of Way Permit

Read these important notes about the Permit before you download!

1. Permit is valid for 90 days after approval.
2. No later than two weeks before expiration, for a fee of $30, the permit may be extended up to 60 days thereafter, uon written reason for extension.
3. Permit must be obtained prior to start of any work. It shall be kept at construction site and be displayed upon demand.
4. A fee must be paid upon the application of the permit.
5. Upon completion of work, call the Facilities Inspector at 513-553-2001 for final inspection and issuance of certificate of completion. Applicant must bring permit to this inspection.
6. At the Department's discretion, a cash bond may be required, depending on the type of work being done.
7. If any work under a permit does not meet Village standards, no further permits will be issued until work has been corrected.
9. Anyone found doing any type of work without a permit will be required to pay an additional fee of $45, plus all regular fees.

 d o w n l o a d   p e r m i t

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