The goal of the rental housing inspection program is simple: to help insure
the quality of life of those families that do not enjoy private property ownership

The Village of New Richmond has a very large number of rental housing units. Time and the periodic flooding of the village have taken their toll on many structures and rental units were particularly impacted. The Village of New Richmond determined that an inspection program would be beneficial not only to tenants and landlords but also to the general health, safety and welfare of the community. An additional benefit of helping to insure New Richmond’s economic vitality could also be realized.The rental housing inspection program also provides the additional benefits to landlords of a periodic review of basic fire safety, health and building code compliance, enabling scheduling of preventative maintenance, a possible reduction in property liability issues and the promotion of their properties to prospective tenants as being code compliant. A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE is issued for each rental unit meeting the required criteria. The “Rental Housing Inspection Request Form” is available at Village Hall and is easily completed. A $10.00 per unit feeis required for each rental unit to be inspected. If a tenant feels a situation exists that may imperil them or their family they should contact the housing inspector and request an immediate inspection. Tenants should not be intimidated by the inspection fee requirement. The ultimate goal of the program is HEALTH and SAFETY! The Village of New Richmond maintains a supply of “Ohio Tenant – Landlord Law General Guidelines Pamphlets” available at no charge provided by HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES MADE EQUAL.

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