Chief ~ Randy Harvey
Sergeant ~ Les Smith
Corporal~ Floyd Henderson
Patrolman ~ Ken Frasure
Patrolman ~ John Pelcha
Patrolman ~ Chad Popham
Patrolman ~ Marc Heuer
Patrolman ~ John Karl
Patrolman ~ Brandon Mangrum
Patrolman ~Jeff Wolf
Patrolman ~ Patrick Kuhl
Patrolman ~ Mark Myers
Patrolman ~ Dan Lamons
Patrolman ~ Jeff Purtee
Patrolman ~ Justin Schultz
Patrolman ~ Andrew Shearer
Patrolman ~ Shawn Parks
Chaplain ~ Dan Nichols

Contact Us:
phone: 513-553-3122
fax: 513-553-4594

Mission Statement
Annual Report


Safety Grant: The Police Department is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Bureau of Workers Compensation Safety Grant for the installation of directional lighting on the rear of our police cruisers. The grant is in the amount of $2,369 with the village contributing a local match of $1,184. The lighting will notify traffic which approaches a stopped police cruiser to move over and slow down as required by law. The directional lighting has proven to be beneficial to officer safety in other communities. So remember, look for the lights and MOVE OVER. Help us keep our officers safe!!


JAG Grant:The Village of New Richmond Police Department has been awarded a grant from Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services in the amount of $6399 for the purchase of two new mobile data computers (MDC). The Mobile Data Computers are utilized by our police officers to allow quick access to information and subject vehicles while on patrol.  The computers have become an invaluable tool to police departments throughout the country. The village will supply a local match of $711.

For more information regarding this grant contact Police Chief Randy Harvey at 553-3121.